Experience our activities surrounded by breathtaking sights that you cannot find anywhere else in the world



Socotra is adventure tourism. That is why sustainable tourism development is important to us.

Our groups are not of a large number of people, to us is mandatory to develop a sustainable tourism. This is why we also involve visitors in the conservation and promotion of Socotra’s Heritage, Fauna & Flora.

We can tailor any experience. If you want something exclusive or adapted to your activity, contact us, and we will customize your trip.

Think of all the stories you can share practicing your favorite activities:

  • Trekking, surrounded by breathtaking landscapes, and meeting the bedouins of the mountains.
  • If you want to dive, you will think that you are in an aquarium full of marine life.
  • Spotting dolphins? Socotra is a privileged place.
  • Have fun in the natural sea lagoons doing kayak or SUP.
  • Fishing? Our camera will be ready to immortalize a catch worthy of record.
  • Wind? Yes, and a lot, a paradise always dreamed of by the best kitesurfers.
  • Passionate about heights? dare to take a trip by gyrocopter or by helicopter.

Now, take a deep breath. After so much activity you need to relax. Observe the raw beauty that surrounds you, feel the sunset, touch the stars, embrace nature, recharge your energy with a yoga session.

Connect with yourself! Connect with Socotra #TheMostAlienPlaceOnEarth

Enjoy Socotra by land, sea, and air

Trekking - Socotra Islands
Standup Paddle (SUP) - Socotra Islands
Boating - Socotra Islands
Boat trip
scuba diving - Socotra Islands
Diving & Snorkel
swim with dolphins - Socotra Islands
Dolphin spotting
Holistic Aloe Vera Tree - Socotra Islands
Holistic tutorials
fishing experience - Socotra Islands
Yoga - Socotra Islands
green lizard NATURE PHOTOGRAPHY - Socotra Islands
Nature Photography
KITESURFING experience - Socotra Islands
stargazing experience - Socotra Islands
henna tattoo experience - Socotra Islands
Henna Tattoo
kayaking experience - Socotra Islands
gyrocopter - Socotra Islands
Meet the locals - Socotra Islands Experiences
Meet the locals


If you want to practice any of these activities, let us know when you are booking. Some activities require a dedicated time that we need to match with the rest of the group.

We also create thematic trips customizing them to your favorite activities and interests. Follow our social media channels for more information.

All our activities are developed in collaboration with the Socotris. Our tour guides, chefs, instructors are Socotris. We are actively investing in providing the resources and training for their own development and benefit of the community. We also actively participate in the development of the Women Association and promote the trade of local products.

The spirit and the energy of Socotra teach us a lesson of understanding, connection with nature and with the essence of life.

Travel with a purpose!