Socotra has a climate classified as tropical, semi-desert. The best season to plan your trip to Socotra is from October to May, when the average temperature is 20 to 30 C. From June to September, the strong winds from the Southwest Monsoon make the island uncomfortable to walk around, and even some places are inaccessible. That is why we are not scheduling any group during the months of June, July, August and September.


The seasonal calendar gives you a pretty good idea of what the weather is like in Socotra and what are the best activities and nature at all times.



  • To go to Socotra: If you are vaccinated you just need the vaccination card or certificate (you don’t need PCR). If you are not vaccinated, you need a negative PCR 72 hours prior to departure.
  • To return to Abu Dhabi: If you are vaccinated you just need the vaccination card or certificate. If you are not vaccinated, you need an antigen test before departure (we will arrange everything in the island).
  • Our flights depart from Abu Dhabi. Therefore, it is important that you check the official UAE website to be updated on all Covid-19 requirements regarding your country.



  • Socotra is a safe destination. Isolated in the waters of the Arabian Sea and the Indian Ocean, the island is not involved in any political conflict.
  • Life in Socotra is friendly. There are no robberies in the island.
  • It is recommended to keep the documentation in the hotel safe to avoid loss of documents in any remote part of the island.



  • Currency: Yemeni Real (the exchange value may vary daily).
  • Other currencies accepted: US dollar and UAE dirham.
  • There are no ATM in the island.
  • You need to bring cash with you (US $ or UAE dirham recommended. The dirham is pegged to the US dollar. 1 US dollar is worth AED3.67 and the exchange rate never changes)



  • Entry visa is managed by our team.
  • We need a notification period of 10 to 15 days before the trip.
  • Most nationalities can get an entry visa to Socotra.
  • Check that your passport is valid for at least six months at the time of entry.
  • We recommend that you have the contacts of the embassy and consulate of your country in Yemen.



  • Plugs & Sockets type G (like UK) standard voltage 220V-240V.
  • The recommended telecom operator in the island is Etisalat (UAE).
  • If you already have a UAE operator, phone calls are considered local.
  • There is no wifi in the island. Only data mainly with Etisalat telecom and the quality of the access varies depending on the zone of the island in which you are.
  • Standard use for text, pics and audio messages normally is acceptable, but for videos and large size files is not.
  • The real connection of this trip is with yourself.



  • Dressing in a normal way following the canons of common sense is appreciated. Although Socotra Island is a Muslim island, Socotris are very friendly and open to the tourists and their customs. Once said this, respect for the island’s inhabitants and the impact of their openness to tourism is highly appreciated. Women do not have to be covered and can wear tank tops. As for the length of the pants, for the hikes, it is recommended mainly by the ankle to cover from possible scratches. During the rest of the time, preferably long or by the knee. Shorts, only in the beach areas. It is not advisable to wear very tight fitting clothes, specially dresses.
  • Socotra is an adventure destination. Nature is the jewel of the island and we are spending most of our time enjoying outdoor activities. It is a must to bring very comfortable clothes and footwear!!!
  • It is also a must to bring proper trekking or mountain shoes for dry and wet surfaces (there are hikes that require this footwear and not sneakers. We also recommend that trekking shoes have been previously used to avoid blisters and chafing).
  • Flip-flops or trainers for periods of rest or walks or hikes in softer terrain are perfect. We do insist again that for specific hikes you need trekking or mountain shoes.
  • Don’t forget to bring cotton socks. It is not recommended to wear trekking shoes or sneakers without socks.
  • Swimwear.
  • Water-shoes as there are rocky beaches.
  • Wetsuits and gear can be rented.
  • Take jumpers or pullovers for the evenings. Light jacket and/or coat is recommended from November to January.



  • Mother tongue: Soqotri.
  • Global language: a smile.
  • The most spoken language: Arabic.
  • Although not all Socotris speak English, their great communication skills, and, above all, their sympathy, will make it possible for you to always understand each other.



  • It is highly recommended a personal insurance. It is the sole responsibility of each one to have appropriate insurance for the trip. We can advise you.
  • Don’t forget your camera and your chargers to take the most breathtaking pics and videos ever.
  • It is advisable a minimum level of fitness to have toned muscles.
  • High protection factor sunscreen.
  • Wet wipes.
  • Sunglasses.
  • Medicines are not available in Socotra. Do not forget to bring your own medication.
  • Insect repellent.



  • Socotra is a newly open adventure destination. It is very important that you commit with the tips above to respect and protect local sensibilities, nature and enjoy your interactive experience in a place, which, remember, has been practically isolated for ages.
  • Respect the island!!! It is ilegal to remove any natural component of the island like corals, shells, seeds, plants… Socotra is a natural reserve protected by Unesco. Protection of the Heritage, Fauna & Flora is a must.
  • Do not litter. We are always providing portable waste containers with us. Plastic is one of the main problems on the island, for this reason, we dedicate a large part of our benefits to building the first plastic recycling plant on the island.
  • Step back in time. The main jewel of this trip is nature. Accommodation experiences really immerse you in Socotra’s nature and culture. We are in a raw, remote, virgin destination, therefore expect humble and basic facilities.
  • This trip involves:
  • Lots of walking and some of the trails are rocky, dusty… It is must to bring the appropriated equipment as per the tips above. Check also before booking your trip with our consultants.
  • Lots of time in a 4 wheels fully equipped driving through roads and paths uneven and in rustic conditions.
  • Some time sailing in fisherman boats. The ride is quite pleasant but can be bumpy at times.
  • WiFi… no thank, you. Connect with yourself, Connect with Socotra.
  • Before taking pictures or videos it is appreciated to ask for permission. Socotris normally love it and want to be part of the shot. But also consider, everything is very new to them and in very remote parts of the island, and with women, can be a sensitive issue.



  • We encourage people to support local economy by buying handicrafts from the Women Association, dates, honey, incense and other resins from Socotran local businesses.