About Socotra Trip


Socotra Trip’s mission is to bring happiness to the island of Socotra. Love, Respect, Protection, Development and Sustainability are our guidelines. Enriching lives through a trip that will make you see the world in a different way is our goal. Travel to create a positive impact. Socotra Trip works with passion to fulfill the vision of bringing prosperity to the island of Socotra and its inhabitants. Our benefits are dedicated to the protection of the Heritage, Fauna & Flora of Socotra throughout different projects:
  • Development of the first plastic recycling plant.
  • Active support and investment in the fishermen.
  • Support to local schools.
  • Active involvement in the conservation and protection of the Fauna & Flora.
Our wish? May you always remember this trip with a smile.
Our Mission - Socotra Trip


MAHDI HASSANI - President of Socotra Trip Team
Active businessman, investor, philanthropist, and above all an adventurous soul.

Our president has traveled the five continents, invested in the whole food supply chain production and factories in almost all of them, and helped to generate wealth and jobs in much of Africa and the Middle East.

Without his vision, investment, and active involvement, none of this would be possible.

Since 2015, Mahdi Hassani has been involved in the sustainable development of the island of Socotra by financing and managing projects in the sectors of fisheries, education, energy, and now tourism.

His passion? The adventure.

His greatness? His heart.

As a curiosity… He speaks 7 languages.
LARA NUNEZ - Director of Socotra Trip Team
Business developer by profession, public relations, and storyteller by vocation, in sectors such as hospitality, media, distribution, and institutional.

Lara has been linked to the island of Socotra since 2017 collaborating in different sustainable development projects. Now, she is our Director with the aim of generating a positive impact on the island through responsible tourism.

Her passion, dedication, effort, and continuous energy have made possible the implementation of the project. She is also the demanding ‘sergeant’ that everyone loves… but don’t tell her!

Her passion? The sea, the sun, the wind.

Her greatness? Her smile.

As a curiosity… She loves to foster handicapped cats.
Our Soqotri people - Socotra Trip
Our Soqotri people
All our team is from Socotra, and we are super proud of it.
Our guides, drivers, helpers, and cooks are islanders.
You will have tons of fun with them! In the same way, we support local commerce and make official stops-over at the women's association where you can buy handicrafts, trusted stores of honey and resins, popular Yemeni sweets, and typical island clothing, especially the 'futah'.