Socotra Islands

Visit, Explore and Experience the beautiful socotra islands with the experienced team of Socotra Trip.

A jaw-dropping paradise

The SOCOTRA Island

The island of Socotra has been defined as ‘the most alien place on earth’ or ‘where the weird things are’. Socotra is one of the most isolated landforms on earth separated from Africa during the Miocene.

Since 2008, Socotra is UNESCO World Heritage Site. Its long geological isolation has created a spectacular endemic fauna & flora and it is considered the jewel of biodiversity of the Arabian Sea. The fact is that Socotra is the fifth place in the world with more endemic species that cannot be found anywhere else on earth!!!

We are not exaggerating when we say that the Socotra Islands is #TheMostAlienPlaceOnEarth

Discover its jaw-dropping formations!

  • The Dragon Blood Trees or umbrellas upside down.
  • Sand pyramids or Crab’s homes to flirt with their partners.
  • Trees in the shape of a Picasso bottle.
  • A vertiginous gorge where it seems that at any moment, the dinosaurs will pop up to say hello.

Epic places, prehistoric wilderness visually striking, this is the island of socotra.

Green Tourism… We are Responsible!


Experience Socotra Islands biodiversity by practicing your favorite activities.

A memory for life. How does this sound to you…

  • Swimming with the Dolphins,
  • Trekking as if you were in Jurassic Park,
  • Diving among colorful corals full of marine life,
  • Fishing pieces of a size you thought did not exist,
  • Kitesurfing with the powerful winds of the Monsoon season,
  • Kayaking or SUP in the water lagoons of the Arabian Sea,
  • Yoga under the light of the stars with the energy of the legendary Frankincense trees,
  • A Gyrocopter flight to the peak of the mountains.
  • Frankincense and Dragon Blood Trees
  • Sunbath in The Most Pristine Beaches you can Imagine

A gyrocopter flight to the peak of the mountains.

Do not dream, do it!

Get your camera ready and show your friends that you are in #TheMostAlienPlaceOnEarth.

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Socotra is a safe destination


Every Monday, there is a direct flight to Socotra Islands from Abu Dhabi International Airport (UAE).

We will be waiting for you at Habido airport, preparing absolutely everything for you to enjoy.

All our packages are inclusive of:

  • Roundtrip flight Abu Dhabi – Hadibo – Abu Dhabi
  • Entry visa
  • Accommodation 8 days 7 nights in hotel room double occupancy or camping (all equipment included).
  • Transportation 4 wheel cars (AC and fuel included).
  • Local tour guides, beduins guides, and drivers
  • 8 days excursions with a full guided & scheduled itinerary (since you land until your departure).
  • Boat trip to Shoab Beach (typical wooden fisherman boats)
  • 3 meals a day
  • Mineral water
  • Selection of soft drinks (juices & sodas)
  • Protected Area Fees
  • Antigen Rapid Test Swab mandatory before leaving Socotra
  • Socotra trip memorabilia

Our days will be filled with bold discoveries of prehistoric wilderness and connection with nature.

Explore #TheMostAlienPlaceonEarth

Socotra is an adventure destination


The Socotra Islands has been practically isolated from the outside world. This is one of its greatest attractions: it is a virgin and unexplored destination.

Be prepared to spend most of your time outdoors. The connection with nature is key to understanding this trip. A world that is so unique and so isolated in time that the Wi-Fi connection is remote and non-existent in many parts of the island. It is time for you to connect with yourself.

We recommend you to read carefully this section where you will find all the practical and necessary information to come to #TheMostAlienPlaceOnEarth

Welcome to Socotra Islands